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Flora and the Flamingo by Molly Idle

I was about to type that I think my favourite children’s book is Flora and the Flamingo but I guess it’s a book for anyone, not just for kids. It is filled with thin paper that little fingers would love to rip up so it’s a book to look through supervised. I learnt my lesson the hard way with my first child. I saw a picture of the book on Instagram and couldn’t help myself but to order one, the cover itself had me right away, the flamingo! I have always found myself buying books for my son so it’s time I got some really special ones for Luna, supervised reading of course with how much I paid. The book is retailed at £11.99 but I got it cheaper from a local book shop. It’s even more cheaper online buy that’s why shops are shutting down, keeping with buying locally helps them out.

Flora and the Flamingo


The book has no words inside it, just illustrations which got my even more excited. The pictures are enough to tell a story. A flamingo is obviously a very delicate graceful creature, I guess to see one dance would be intriguing for anyone to see as the girl did. You can really tell a story just by looking at their facial expressions and body language.

Flora and the Flamingo


Some pages you can find little flappy bits shown below.

Flora and the FlamingoFlora and the Flamingo

Flora and the FlamingoFlora and the Flamingo

Two of the pages in the book open out into a massive page.

Flora and the Flamingo

Flora and the Flamingo

Others are simple yet still so beautiful.

Flora and the Flamingo


Flora and the Flamingo

I wonder what Luna will think of this book when she’s older, I wonder if she will want to dance like the characters. Mostly I wonder if she has her brothers unique imagination as he’s looked through the book and told me a story. He said the girl was sad, sad at one point then smiled saying the flamingo is helping her to dance. He also loved some of the cheeky expressions on their faces, he especially loves the flippers on the girls feet. What do you think of this book?


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