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Scent Circus The Big Top Box- Creepy and Cute- October 2017

I have not made a Scent Circus wax melt order in forever as I went a bit OTT with ordering them. last week I found that I didn’t have any Autumn scents while going through my collection, so, a perfect excuse to make an order right. I figured that this months The Big Top Box would a good start as well as getting a few from the Autumn collection. I have also learnt something since my previous reviews on The Big Top Box subscription and that is to leave the melts in the plastic wallets. I have found that some of my melts, the ones I got say six months ago, have lost the strong scent so when burning they don’t last long. I have also learnt to not order some until I really do need some more; I needed Autumn scents!

scent circus

This months box was themed cute and creepy, I would say it’s more on the cuter side rather than creepy. I am happy with cute as for me the smell of them is more important. My favourites in this box are the bite me and bleeding love. One thing no one knows about me is that I love cheap strong perfume, you know the scents you can smell on older ladies that over power the room. The bite me melt is like one of those scents. The bleeding love one has been mixed with so many scents yet they work so well together, the heart is rather cute as well.

scent circus

The zombie kisses and bump in the night melts are ones that I will use while watching Halloween films on a rainy day this month, they are such warm smells. The bump in the night melt is my favourite design in this box.

scent circus

I don’t know why but the don’t be fooled melt smells like Christmas, I have been smelling it all day on and off to see if it was my nose playing tricks on me. I wonder if that’s why it’s called don’t be fooled? Either way I really like the scent and the look of it. The last one hey sugar is the strongest smelling one as that scent over powers them all. I didn’t like the caramel smell mixing with the other melts as I opened the box, on its own the melt smells nice. That’s the hard thing about these melts you literally have to take them into separate rooms to give a proper thought on them.

scent circus

I think I am sorted for cold Autumn days now. Below the group picture is a picture of a few more I added into my basket from the Autumn collection. What do you think of the designs? Do any of the scent sound like ones you would use?

scent circus

The below ones are all delicious to smell, while choosing what ones to order I knew what scents I would love. You can find the Autumn collection here.

scent circus


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