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The September PaperGang By Ohh Deer – 2017

Do you ever forget to unsubscribe to something so end up with it sitting on your door step? I did with the September PaperGang box but it was a pleasant surprise. I have now unsubscribe to next months box though as a baby isn’t going to magically be born with everything it needs. For a (maybe) last box in awhile I can honestly say the illustrations by Natasha Durley are so beautiful in this box.

The September PaperGang by ohh deer

Instantly I saw so many items, the design didn’t get boring, the birds are rather cute in my opinion and the tones of blue gave off a feeling of being in a forest during the night.

The September PaperGang by ohh deer

The stickers make me really see that some thought had gone into these items in the sense of colour, not trying to over power everyone with the darker colours. I like that the birds (my favourites) are also on a coaster . Who wants a card written to them? My collection is so lovely but maybe I really should use them.

The September PaperGang by ohh deer

The September PaperGang by ohh deer


In the world of blogging everyone knows how handy the deskpads are and this year I have had two while getting the PaperGang box. I do get through the one I got from February’s box so the one I got in this box I have stored away, I need more cupboards!

The September PaperGang by ohh deerThe September PaperGang by ohh deer

What do you think of Natasha Durley’s illustrations? Would you agree that she has a good eye for colour and draws the cutest little birds? I do like the trees and flowers as well which helped give the mix of blues that night time forest feeling. If you like the look of this monthly subscription box you can find it here.



4 thoughts on “The September PaperGang By Ohh Deer – 2017

  1. I forgot to cancel my subscription after the Gemma Correll one and was hoping for dinosaurs after I had a look at her Instagram page. I was a bit disappointed as I have so many desk planners now (I have a problem!) and I don’t have much use for the card and wrapping paper at the moment but at least I have a good stash for gifts and stationery swaps. I’ve cancelled my subscription for the time being.

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  2. At least you have loads stocked up so you won’t need to buy any for ages haha- a few years 😂 You could always gather some bits that you don’t like/use over xmas and do a blog xmas giveaway 😊


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