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The PaperGang By Ohh Deer August 2017

I haven’t ordered a PaperGang box for months! I just had to order the box in August. I was pleased that I did, well Rob kinda did for my birthday which was a good excuse to not stick to one subscription a month with a baby on the way to save for. I was so gutted that for some silly reason Rob threw away the packaging! How could he. There’s always a cute little cut out on the back of them which the bin man now has. At least he didn’t bin this lot.

PaperGang Gemma Correll

My favourite items in the box have to be the pens set that flow so smoothly. The little and large note pads are perfect to write down all the things that I need to do- that I never do! I don’t even want to count how many note pad sets that I have or even sticky notes, I remember why I stopped getting this box now. Then when the baby is here I won’t have much money so maybe I should buy enough to last me a few years!

PaperGang Gemma Correll

PaperGang Gemma Correll

I like the sticker pack, so much so that I already ordered some different Gemma Correll sticker designs earlier in the year. I like that there’s four sheets so I can use a sheet knowing that I have more. I keep getting cards but I refuse to give them to anyone! I am keeping the below one all to myself to sit with my others that I just can’t part with.


PaperGang Gemma Correll

Below is the Illustrator Gemma correll’s designs that I ordered earlier in the year in an Ohh Deer sale, what do you think of Gemma Corrells designs? And the August PaperGang box of (amazing) stuff?

PaperGang Gemma Correll





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