Why I stopped blogging ✨

Where do I even start? I didn’t know what to title this post or even what post to start with. I have so many fun post ideas, with no surprise after not blogging for nearly two months! I figured the first post should be a little explanation so instead of waffling on about the last two months I’ve broken it down. Work, toddler, birthdays, moving house, course work and prioritising the things that where not getting done. I don’t like to blog ‘sit on my laptop around Logan and to honest he says get off that mama in his own right. I might be able to squeeze an hour in if he’s napping. I also get about two half days a week when he’s at nursery to myself which allowed me to sit down with a cuppa, and basically catch up on some posts.


We knew we wanted to move but didn’t think it would happen for a good few years yet. When we heard that a house just down the road from my work was up for rent from a friend of Robs we had to go for it. It wasnt easy though as the house needed a lot of work and Rob also works for the guy so he had to firstly fix the house, which I happily helped with. My days of drinking tea and getting lost in my laptop were replaced with painting, cleaning and keeping Rob company on dull evenings putting a new kitchen in.

IMG_0036I had a choice though I could have still blogged but that would have meant one thing, shit simply wouldn’t have been done. I made a choice which has had beautiful results. I am beaming with this house it’s got all of the things I desired in a house with the first one being sunlight, the old house was so dull even on the sunniest of days.


Logan settled surprising well on our first week here. He even said to me last week ‘mama I lub this house soooo much’ I would if I was a three-year old who got a whole new room. Once in we also had a three-week wait for internet – I was so happy when the sky man turned up yesterday.

I have also been busy doing course work, I have about two weeks until I finish my Nvq health and social care course. So over the last two months if I learnt anything to advise anyone it would be get shit done. Really you will feel so accomplished, try it for one day turn your phone off and do the things you set out to do. I did also break my phone for two weeks which I guess helped as that meant I really couldn’t go on my phone. I have absolutely waffled on but hey, no blogging for two months deserves some well-earned laptop time. I will give a better house tour when I sort my room out as that has been the last neglected room to unpack, which we will do once Rob puts our wardrobe up. What have you been up to these past two months? Have you ever taken a break from blogging? If so why?





5 thoughts on “Why I stopped blogging ✨

  1. I’ve missed you! I’ve been missing your wishlists and your weekly posts. I’m glad to see you posting again.

    I’m stuck with a post (in fact I think it should be two posts) and I really want to write it well. The problem is now I’m stressing about doing a good job of it, it’s taking me months to write it up 😦 It sounds crazy now that I’ve written this out. I guess I just need to get on with it.


  2. I’ve missed being on here to even read blogs like yours! I wrote you a letter weeks ago and it’s sat on the side waiting for me to remember to buy a stamp 😩 Maybe write it on paper? I often write a post and then when I go to write it on my laptop it’s easier to think aw that needs changing. Or even just write it and go back a week later to read and and see if you like it. After reading your blog I have no doubt that it’s going to be a good post ❤️


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