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National stationery week: World stationery day ✨

I saw that today is world stationary day for national stationery week. I figured that I should lay all of my stationery out and take some pictures… I now regret the explosion of mess. Saying that while I sat around everything I have I couldn’t help but smile, I am rather lucky to have a job and be able to splurge when I fancy a new pen or print. I am also lucky to be moving into a new home that I can have my own space (bigger than my last little corner) to fill with the things I love.


I have a lovely collection of washi tape, notebooks, storage boxes, prints, stickers and just everything that I have over time collected. I think that half of everything in my pictures is from the great subscription boxes that I get. Do you feel lucky with how much stuff you have? I also can’t help but think how lucky I am as I notice each item that was also gifted to me by family and friends.


Today I thought that I would give you a peek inside my storage boxes as well as how I choose to store my stationery. In the bottom draw I store my pens and pencils.


A few years ago I use to take all of my pens out of their packets and stored them in a box. I did buy a tsum tsum pencil case but that recently broke so now my pens have there own little draw, plus my four highlighters and glue have joined them. I found a stamp storage folder yesterday in The Range that I am going to buy on payday to store my loose stamps, for now they are safe in a draw next to my pens.


Over Christmas I loved to take pictures with my candles so back then they got there own draw. I always forget they are there so I plan to label the outside of each draw so I can easily remember, do you label your boxes if you have any? I am keeping my pegs there so I can use them, I have a few things I plan to glue onto the pegs when I buy a glue gun. I love, love, love those craft pearl effect tubes, so much that I brought six more yesterday in different effects and colours, have you ever tried them? If not you can find them in poundland! Or in The Range.


My second storage box has four draws. In the bottom two draws I have all of my sequins that I like to use in pictures and in the other draw you will find all of my stickers.


I have so many letter sets for my lightbox so they needed a draw, it is such a pain to find a letter I need in the right colour though. The last draw is for my foils.


I got my storage boxes from WHSmith on offer for buy one get one free awhile back, they are so sturdy and so colourful which I love. I saw some filing box things this week on offer for buy one get one free so I had to pick some up, I plan to place my Blogosphere magazines in them as I noticed a few dents on the covers. I learnt my lesson after loosing and breaking everything, since looking after my stationery better I can actually find something I need and keep it all in order. How do you store your stuff?



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