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National stationery week: Get crafty ✨

Today is probably the best day for national stationery week, Get crafty! If you follow my blog you will already know that I love getting creative and starting new projects. I have always loved arts and crafts, have you? Today I thought that I would share my latest obsession- I am constantly switching between things I love to do, I love finding new stationery items to experiment with. YouTube is my go to place to learn new things and discover the items that I wouldn’t think to order.


How cute is this scrapbook that my sister got me the other week! I am still yet to get creative with it.


I have only recently over the past few months been buying stamps, I love getting stamps in my Brimbles subscription box . I was having fun with stamps one day when I came across embossing powder on YouTube. I then popped to The Range in Truro and just so happened to find the embossing powder in so many different colours, all in a good price range which was a bonus. Have you tried embossing powder before?


I had one problem… I didn’t have a heat gun and my hair dryer was too strong so it blew the powder of my ink. I was so please to find a heat gun when a local The Range store opened a few weeks ago, the one I went to before wasn’t as close and didn’t have the needed heat gun tool. I now have a heat gun, ink, stamps and a few embossing powders to play around with. I plan on making cards but firstly I need to practice a lot more with ideas before I can expect a half decent card. That’s the fun with crafts right? Just getting creative and letting ideas just come to us. I love how simple embossing is, you simply press your stamp on a ink pad to then press your stamp on paper. You then sprinkle some embossing powder, shake it off, then use your heat gun to set the design. I can’t really find the words to explain what it looks like but the transformation is fascinating and very satisfying.


I have also been adding some glitter powder with some Embossing powder which adds even more sparkle to my pictures, once I own more colours I will mix some colours together.


I got creative last night with my metallic pens from yesterday’s post as well as my erasable pens. Creativity can be anything from even just picking colours to add into a picture. What has your latest crafty project been? I can hopefully share in the future some cards that I make once I have a bigger collection to mess around with.





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