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National stationery week: Pen and pencil day ✨

My social media newsfeed’s are filled with lot’s of Stationery goodies, posts and competitions today! It is national stationery week so everyone is rather excited to celebrate their love for stationery. I am moving any week now so everything has been packed all ready to go for when our carpets are down in the new house. I figured it was best that I didn’t blog until my life was more organised, I lasted a week and now find myself surrounded by all of my stationery unpacked. Today is pen and pencil day so I thought I would head into town and have a little shop to celebrate, I found some pens for half price! I also thought that I would finally review my erasable pens that are in fact my favourites to use.

I think this is last years each day themes, I have only just found this years ones!

Firstly the pens that won me over today were in the sale for £4.99 in WHSmith. I already have some thick metallic pens that I love but I have never seen thin ones before, I just had to get them. The colours are just perfect, the ink comes out smoothly so when writing I don’t have to press hard. Do you like metallic pens? You might notice that I have put an a in the word stationary after Wenesday. My next favourite set of pens are the reason for that…


Ersable pens! Okay I have to be honest I was sceptical when I brought them a while ago, I generally thought how on earth can a pen be rubbed out? So on the above mistake it’s to make a point that it’s it so frustrating to make a mistake? One that just can’t be erased! Unless I place some wonderful washi over it. If I had chosen to use to Frixion erasable pens I would have been abled to simply rub out that letter and emend my mistake.



I love that the packet has so many pen colours for me to choose from, just as much as I love the fact that my mistakes can go unnoticed once rubbed out, have you tried these pens? I did see erasable pencils today that I wish I had picked up now, I might have to pop back to WHSminth tomorrow- hopefully they work as well as the pens.

I didnt play around with my favourite pencils that are water colours, Logan was after all of my pens while I was trying to use them so I had to pack everything away. I will share my favourite stationery items and things to get creative with this week, what’s your favourite stationery items to use?



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