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This weeks fun (38) ✨

This post should have gone up yesterday but I was busy eating chocolate, soaking in the sun and having some great family time on the beach. I didn’t post much last week because my phone was being awkward, it wouldn’t let me take many photos. My phone kept saying memory full and after many apps, plus thousands of photos deleted it was still only letting me take one photo to then tell me memory full. Once I wiped my phone then restored everything my phone is finally working fine, suddenly I have more than half my storage left. So this week I should be able to get back into taking pictures for my blog, unless the sun is out then I will be found on the beach in my spare time. Have you been out more now it’s sunny? Do you blog less in the Spring? I think that might be the case for me this season. Here’s what I have been doing this weekend and during last week with the few photos I could take. I did forget to backup my latest pictures before I wiped my phone but Luckily Instagram had a few That I have posted.

Firstly I will start with a cute gift my sister got me, well, brought me in The Range last week. The set is a scrapbook with some items to use. Thanks Charlotte you are the best ❤

Scent Circus put a smile on my face last week when they sent me a free box of melts for the get ten tickets receive a free box of melts deal. Ten tickets means I have ordered ten times! It’s safe to say that I have enough melts to last me a year.


I was heading to work the other day and walked past a churros stall, I couldn’t reisit getting some and the long wait in the big que was worth it.


The highlight of this week has been Easter weekend. I was well and truely ready for bed yesterday and turned my phone off as three of my friends were trying to get me out for Super Sunday. I was happy to stay in with my boys and watch films, eat junk food and not wake up with a hangover. Did you go out for Super Sunday? In the day time we had an Easter egg hunt at my mums, made chocolate nests, went to the beach, had a bbq and then ended our day with a visit to the pub for an hour. What did you do for Easter?

You have to to have an ice cream while at the beach right?


Last week was also my friends birthday so we went out Tuesday night for food and drinks. I have also started to move things over to the new house which was exciting, so it’s safe to say that this week has been a busy and fun week.

My Instagram has been filled with chocolate pictures.




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