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March’s Brimbles box

I like to save the best for last… I have had my Brimbles box for a few weeks now just waiting to be opened. I saw the sneak peeks and loved the geeky theme, these items are perfect for anyone that likes to use planners or even a bullet journal. Do you use planners or a bullet journal? I have so much stationary that I will have to organise when I move so I wont be getting next months box. Here’s what was in this months geeky box.


I love getting the large sheets each month, they are so perfect as backdrops for my pictures. Rob has gotten me a square marble unit to use for backdrops so I might use my January’s Brimbles box large sheets for something else, they are a marble design. This box has four large sheets with different designs a flowers one, a book one, a stripy one and a scribble design page. Each sheet has a different design on each side out of the four listed above. Also on the below imagine right in the middle is the images I like to cut out and place in my scrapbook.


My favourite thing about this box is the geeky girls. The stickers are my favourite item in the box and this month there was three packets to swoon over. What do you think of the stickers below?


The stamp set in this box is perfect, with each month and common things that people would use. I personaly think that they would work better if they were slightly bigger as they might be hard to read. I found it hard to take a picture of them with the sun refecting on the sheet mixed with how small there are.


The last items in this box were some adorable bow’s that I plan to glue on little clips for hanging my prints up with. The little tabs I can’t think of what to use them in, what do you think I should use them for?



This box is beautiful and filled with so much that I can get creative with. Mrs Brimbles is so creative as she has drawn up all of the images, what do you think of the designs? what do you think of all of the items?




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