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This weeks fun (37) ✨

This week has been all about being spontaneous, to just get up with no plans and have some adventures. I haven’t been painting, cleaning and packing, I needed a week to chill and have fun with Logan so we did. I will probably regret it next week when I have to make up for what I havent done but I’m okay with that. I feel proud of myself these past few weeks with how much I have accomplished so a week off is well deserved, plus the sun is out so that was a perfect excuse to get out and about.


Firstly on Thurday I had the worst nights sleep so I went to work feeling rather zombiefied. I finished work but instead of going home to feel drained I took Logan painting with his friends, I am really trying to make more of an effort to meet people. I am also trying to mission through feeling tiered so we do more, it does kind of work to work through my sleepy eyes and just get on with things. Logan had so much fun painting, he painted a bunny last week and a plate this week.


Last Sunday I did manage to get an ice cream with Rob and Logan before I headed to work. Jelberts is now open for the coming season so we will probably be there a lot over summer especially as they sell the best icecream.


Do you ever pop to the shop to buy some snacks and find yourself unable to pick between so many? I did this week so I just brought every mini egg pack that I could find- They make for a good picture.


Yesterday morning was so lovely, the weather that is. I phoned my mum up and before I knew it she was on the bus heading our way to go out for an adventure. We wanted to go to the beach but I had work at three so we walked along a cycle path along the beach to go to my new house, we figured the field behind it would be a good place to play. The field behind my house has a lovely park so Logan was playing away while I soaked in the sun before heading down the road to work.


On Friday Logan and I didn’t wake until 10am! We needed that lie in, we packed a picnic then headed over to Robs mums for an hour before nursery. I had a whole afternoon to myself which I spent with my friends eating good food, gossiping and doing nothing chore related. Last summer if it was sunny Logan wouldn’t go to nursery if we could have a beach day which we will do again this year as they don’t mind. I will be sad when Logan starts school in just over a year as we won’t be able to do that, we will take advantage of doing so while we can.

What’s a week without a subscription box? I had two this week one being The Big Top Box ‘The Mermaids Lagoon’ and the other a lovely Treat box . Do you get any subscription boxes?

I hope you took time for yourself this week and perhaps had a chance to enjoy some sunshine, if not lets hope the nice weather stays for next week. Here’s my Instagram picture’s this week, they are such bright and cheerful pictures.



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