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Scent circus The Big Top Box ‘The Mermaids Lagoon’ ✨

I had to have this mermaids lagoon themed box! Like, the second Scent Circus announced the theme I knew that I would wake at 8:00am on the 1st to get in there fast before they sold out. I am a sucker for fairies, unicorns and mermaids. I favour mermaids over everything, what do you favour? I think out of all of the Big Top Boxes that this one has the most refreshing scents, I also think these melts have the best designs on them leaving them just so lovely to look at. I think as it is Spring and the whole Spring cleaning happens these melt will really help me feel relaxed, I am gutted that most of these melts never end up in the shop as some of these I would buy in bulk.


The bottom left wax melt is called ocean dreams smelling of sparkling citrus and fresh marine notes. I might sound crazy but it smells like a blue bubble bath my parents used when I was younger, I can’t remember the name of the bubble bath so I might have to try and hunt it down; it sure smells good though. The bottom right one is my absolute favourite in this box, it’s called wish upon a star… fish, it is scented tropical island fruits including fresh juicy pineapple and a touch of banana. I really like the smell of banana and pineapple together.


The bottom left one is my favourite wax melt to look at, it’s called looking mer-mazing, it’s my second favourite scent smelling like fresh coconut milk with sweet honey. I use a coconut moisturiser in the summer so I will use it one day when I have a bath… It might remind me to moisturise! The bottom right one is called shell yeah, it says it smells like cedarwood, seaweed, sea salt and amber, I think it smells like hands wash! I am not complaining as I like a fresh smell which is also why this box is suited in mind for a spring clean sort of feeling.


Of course there had to be a mermaid! I now have two mermaid melts to use but they do both smell very different from one another. The mermaid in this box is scented watermelon, cucumber, rose and water lily. The melt might be a lovely blue and green but it smells like flowers, I might melt this one first to make my house smell like a spring garden. The bottom right one is called mermaids treasure scented Caribbean rum which I would say smells more like cinnamon than rum. I love the little gold pieces in the melt and love cinnamon so I will be happily burning it at some point.


I am very please with this box and actually like all of the smells together as one. Would you agree that this box even just looks and sounds refreshing? Would you be excited like me to melt these in your home this Spring?



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