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Treat Box April 2017

Receiving my Treat box each month never gets boring or even leaves me disappointed. Every month I am surprised with a different theme and beautiful items, items that I can find use for one way or another. I have been able to place pretty items around my home, look at lovely designs and even soak In lovely smells. I think, no I know that the Treat box is something that I plan to stay subscribed to for a long time. Here’s what I got this month, can you guess the theme by the below picture?




I first noticed the large cookie that tasted really good, my sweet tooth was satisfied, I didn’t want to ruin it’s loveliness but there was no good food in our house. I now have two little dishes as I received one in my February’s Treat Box so I plan to have one in my bedroom and one downstairs. I think it’s true when it says ‘no one is too old for fairytales. The You’re the fairest of them all compact mirror is such a sweet little item, this box is so girly, well filled with such cuteness wouldn’t you agree? I was over the moon to see a Scent circus wax melt in this box, I am one ticket away from having ten so I’ll get a free box of melts. I have a post going up tomorrow on this month Big Top Box and a few Easter melts.




I finally own a pin! I keep seeing them everywhere but I have never ordered one for myself. I don’t think I would wear a pin but I might attach it to some bunting that I am planning on ordering, the pin is rather sweet if I must say. I also love the garden decoration thing that might have to wait to be homed. With us moving I won’t be able to plant any flowers this year which is a shame, maybe next year I can make my garden look nice.


The last two items are just as perfect as everything in this box. I love getting prints and who wouldn’t love such a simple but pretty notebook. I wish I had an area that I could put all of this stuff in now, with moving it was best that I packed this box back up to be rehomed next month- Time can hurry up now please,


What would your favourite item in this box be? Mine is the pin, wax melt and, hmm, to be really honest with you I favour every item. I also liked that the items were sprinkled with little stars, you can’t see them that well in the photos as they were cute tinny things.




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