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This weeks fun (36) ✨

I didn’t do a this weeks fun post last week so this week I am sharing our favourite moments from the past two weeks. I am still super busy with painting, packing and sorting everything to move in three weeks… three weeks! I need more time between work, Logan and just everything. I am feeling positive that we will get everything done, or at least the main things. Here’s our favourite moments that have bought some fun into our busy lives..


I will start with Last Sunday, mothers day. We had a relaxing morning then headed to the beach so Logan could collect some shells. It was my first weekend off in nearly two months! We don’t get a lot of family time with just us three so that itself was the best mothers day treat. I found some interesting candy rock flavours in a little shop, one flavour they had was bubble gum which I have stocked up on.

Poor Logan has had to wait a whole two weeks to do his Toucan box, he waiting that long that he ended up having two to do- he didn’t complain. I say he had two to do but we did only end up getting through one box which I will post about next week.

I have been shopping… I know surprise, surprise. I ordered a bunch of stuff from Matalan including a unicorn pillow, a rabbit mug, a shelf ladder, fairy lights and some bowls. I will try and share next week the stuff that I got but I think half of it is at the new house.


How cool is the below picture?! Okay, it is basically a master piece in Logan’s new bedroom that took me hours to do. I know it’s not perfectly straight and maybe I should have used a ruler but hey it still looks pretty cool. I need to go over a few bits with white paint but other than that his room is almost done.

It was pay week so I phoned my mum up and asked if she would let me treat her to breakfast, of course she said yes. I might have planned to just get a cooked breakfast but I couldn’t not get a slice of yummy cake.


We have started to rip up all of the carpets over at the new house and underneath it all was news paper dated back to 1939! I want to keep it all, it is so interesting to read.


I was suppose to work Thursday morning but swapped my shift so I could take Logan to a story and painting event. I was happy to hear that our best friends were also going, we really need to make more of an effort see our friends more! The same friends have been moving this weekend so hopefully we will pop over to have a nosey.


I can’t write much more as it’s currently 13:15 and I have work at three, if we hurry we can pop out for some ice-cream then sit on the beach like last Sunday. I am scheduling this post as I have already put up two this morning… I have so many in my drafts that need editing and posting. I have two subscriptions posts going up new week, Logan’s toucan box and hopefully a new house wish list that I have been working on. I can get it all done… hopefully! What have you got planned for next week?


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