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Cooking pizza’s with a toddler ✨

I might not be the next Jamie Oliver but I am someone that likes to cook up a storm in my kitchen, with probably more than one attempt. Logan shares my love to make a mess and learn new things. Last week I really wanted to make so pizzas so figured how hard could it be? Apparently not  hard at all and it didn’t cost a lot to buy everything I needed. I made up the pizza bases then Logan ever so kindly helped me decorate them with all our favourite toppings.

What we needed…

  • Pizza base mixture… yeah I cheated and got some stuff in a packet which worked out so easy.
  • Water
  • flour
  • tomato pure
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Then any toppings that you like.


I didn’t need my scales in the end after my mum bought over the base mix in a packet. All that I had to do was put my base mixture into a bowl and the add 7 tblsp of water to then mix together.


When my mixture looked like the below picture I was ready to sprinkle flour onto my counter and then knee the dough for about six minutes- Logan helped me knee the dough which he found fun. the dough was then finally ready to be palced into a bowl to leave for two hours so it could ”’.


I made up another lot so I could make some pizzas to freeze, after a long two hours our dough had doubled in size so it was ready for us to roll in pizza shapes.


I put all our toppings into a bowl so it was easy for Logan to decorate the bases. I rolled out three as Logan wanted to decorate one for mummy, daddy and of course himself.

I spread some tomato pure onto the dough then Logan took over, cheese is his favourite thing to eat so sprinkling cheese onto the pizzas was a delight.

One his master pieces were done we popped the pizzas on some grease proof paper on a dish and then popped them into the oven for just under 10 minutes.


Logan literally jumped around dancing when I bought in his pizza which he ate feeling pretty proud of himself, he was like ‘mummy I made this’ while smiling. I love cooking with Logan he loves the outcome and the thought that he made the food. Do you cook with you child/ren? I was always cooking with my mum growing up, I want to make some dinosaur cookies with Logan next so he has many childhood memorise as I do.



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