Throwback Friday (8) ✨

This weeks throwback Friday is perfect for how I am feeing at the minute. I would sleep all day if I could and be a little night owl getting on with things that I need to do, with some energy. Babies tend to sleep most of the day so below is just some old scrummy pictures of Logan dreaming away. I have not napped this week, I’m still just lying in bed every night unable to sleep, I use to blog when this happend so I stopped to see if that helped… It didn’t and I have spent three days yawning. Logan use to nap for hours which was perfect for when I needed a nap to get through sleepy days, maybe I will fall asleep tonight as I’m feeling so exhausted.


2 thoughts on “Throwback Friday (8) ✨

  1. I miss naps. Took Jenson to gymnastics again this morning but he held out until 4.45 – by which point we had to keep him awake for tea! Sod’s law. He was in bed by 7.30 though. Thank god cos I need an early night! I miss lie ins too 😦


  2. I hate tea time even at Logans age no nap when he needs one = he won’t eat tea and cry all evening. 7:30 isn’t bad! No early night for me I had to meet my friends until eleven, I then watched a film with Rob 😴 Now I and heading to work 😭 Tonight might be my lucky night for sleep 😂

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