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Toddler pirate bedroom wishlist ✨

Logan’s birthday is in May which falls on the month that we intend to move. I spent my afternoon yesterday picking paint colours for our new house and got really excited picking a colour for Logan’s bedroom, he did tell me that he wanted a blue wall again. I didn’t realised how many shades of blue there was to pick from so I stood there for what felt like an hour deciding. With Logan moving into his new bedroom so close to his birthday I have decided that a full room make-over will be his birthday present, he had new everything with our current house but sadly the curtains won’t be long enough in his new bedroom. Logan chose cars in the room that he is in now but favours pirates at the minute so we are going with a pirate theme. We are keeping his cars bed and minions lamp shade as he still loves both of those, his rug will fit in with the colour scheme so all that is left to get is…


Pirate panda curtains for £49.99 from Dunelm.

Pirate panda bedding for £19.99 from Dunelm

Pirate panda fitted sheet £6.99 from Dunelm.

Pirate panda pillow case for £3.99 from Dunelm.

Parrot pillow for £7.99 from Dunelm.

Pirate panda laundry basket for £8.00 from Dunelm.

Personalised wall sticker for £4.99 from Ebay.

Anchor wall picture for £9.90 from Etsy.


I love all of the cute pirate panda stuff seeing as Logan is only a toddler and struggles with nightmares. I want Logan to have a happy, bright room that he enjoys being in. My main focus when moving into this house was getting his room all perfect for him, I will do a room tour once it is all done in the near future- here’s his current bedroom when I first did it up. Do you have any suggestions on other things that I need to add to Logan’s wishlist?




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