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A look inside my scrapbook ✨

I am yet to go through my old diaries and find things worth sharing with you, they are tucked under my bed and I know that once I start reading them I will be there for hours- Not under the bed for hours but somewhere I can daydream and get lost in thought. I have started a new scrapbook that is also a place were I write down my thoughts, things I do and little rants. Do you write a diary? Or even fill a book with random things?


The reason I started a scrapbook is because I had so many things looming around my desk that didn’t really have a home for, so many things that I didn’t have the heart to throw away. I am awful with keeping onto things… No wonder my wardrobe is bursting! I have dresses from when I was 15- They still fit on the plus. In my scrapbook I have some stickers that I made with my drawings.


I put a lovely print on my first page that I received from Sandy. I have used a sticker from each sticker pack that I have to start the scrapbook of with some fun.

With each subscription that I order I am sure to get some pretty paper or letters that I just can’t throw away, I can now look back and see them in my book which is nice.


I am one for notes and writing down in advance the things that I need to do. On Sundays I try and write my lists up to follow, I failed yesterday so after I write this I must go and plan my week out. I find that if I don’t plan my week Sunday creeps up and nothing is done and to be honest isn’t it just so satisfying to tick done of on each day.


I love to use washi tape but struggle to pick what colours to use leaving me making a mess while poring them all over the floor. I thought if I just put them all on one page I can decide then hunt that one down, I left a gap which will be filled with my tape from my Brimbles box.


What’s a scrapbook without some family pictures? I brought some wrapping paper from PaperChase for no reason other that they looked so fun, I was glad to find use for them in my scrapbook.

I did also get some tissue paper that works effectively in the middle of my stamps. My favourite thing to do is use foils, I did a post on this Foil art kit from The Works which I find easier to use with double sided tape rather than the glue.

I tend to have one of the pages as something creative and the opposite side a page I write on. I won’t share my writing as somethings I do like to keep private. If you haven’t started a scrapbook but want to it is really is simple, effective and just relaxing to do. I like that I can do anything in it and soon I hope to try some embossing powder once I get a heat gun thing. I have started my bullet journal that I hope to share with you over the next few weeks, my last bullet journal did not work, I need things I can dip into when I can… like once a month! I would have more time if I didn’t love watching films so much in the evening.


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