This weeks fun (35) ✨

It’s officially Spring tomorrow! It might not feel or look like Spring but surely this weather has to cheer up at some point. I had a big think last Sunday on all the things that I have to do, the things that won’t happen if my main goal is to blog when Logan is at nursery or asleep. I have been strict on myself and prioritiesed sorting my other house out, doing course work and sorting this house out, what a dull but rewarding week if I must say. Here’s why I’ve not been on my laptop all week…


I did post on Monday my March’s Brimbles box after I sat down and had a good look at the items. I am really hoping to get next months box… It is themed geek planner. I was suppose to do Logan’s toucan box with him this week but he’s been either sleeping, eating or helping me sort things in the house- I think he’s having a growth spourt as he slept for two hours yesterday.


I mentioned last week that we are moving, did you see that post? I don’t have much information other than I was in there with my mum this week and ripped a whole wall of wallpaper off, the wall has seen better days that was behind the paper so we are meeting the landlord there to show him. If all goes well my three hours spent cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom wouldn’t of been wasted- I won’t move if the house isn’t Perfect/fixed. I plan to paint on Tuesday and Friday while Logan is in nursery, how funny does he look below while helping me clean this week.


I was was gifted a lovely moving in photo album last summer that I am yet to start filling, I did sit down this week and go through my photos. I now know what photos I need to order and what photos I want in photo frames. The album will slowly get filled with all the memorise from this house.


Rob is sweet and knows just how to make a busy day seem worth it when he runs me a nice bubble bath, lights candles and orders me a takeout.

I don’t know why but I did it, I took all my prints down. Well, I know why I did it but I didn’t need to start packing things so soon, my excitement gets the better of me. On the plus with my prints being down I can use them in pictures.


You might think I am dramatic with trying to be so organised when we have two months until we move. As I suffer with anxiety problems I kind of need to be prepared and do things or I will panic that nothing is going to go right. This week I have slept the best I have in ages with getting things done that I feel I’ve needed to, if I don’t do things I lie in bed dwelling on the fact that I am behind on everything. I guess we all need to do things at our own pace, have you got everything done this week that you had planned too?

I have had time to upload pictures on my Instagram on the plus, if only writing a blog post was as quick! You can follow my Instagram here.




4 thoughts on “This weeks fun (35) ✨

  1. I think the beauty of social media, especially Instagram, is that even when you’re busy away from the blog you can still keep posting. Taking photos as you go along means you still have something to share at the end of the week 🙂

    Well done on being so productive! I haven’t done everything I wanted to do 😦

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