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March’s Brimbles Box ✨

I mentioned in my January’s Brimbles box that I had to get the March box after seeing a sneak peek, I like that Anne shows what’s to come before you order as I might have not saved some pennies in preparation. I am keen to get next months box but I’ll have to see what I have spare seeing as I am moving house soon. In this months box I only had one disappointment over a washi tape colour, those sneak peeks maybe aren’t the best when there’s more than one design on items. Here’s what was in the box…


I always keep an eye out on Anne’s YouTube here for early reveals on the monthly subscription box. In the March reveal Anne showed a beautiful purple washi tape that I  hoped to get, she did warn that there was two colours- the other one was green. I might be sounding ungrateful but it’s because purple is my favourite colour so when I saw the green one my heart sunk slightly- I say slightly because it is still a lovely design.



I like the large page flags that I have not put to use yet. This design just bleeds beautifully throughout the items so I was in my element looking through it all. The flags are really thick so there is plenty to last awhile, what colour is your favourite?


Have you noticed the large backdrops in my pictures yet? In each box I have received so far there has been four large sheets of designs, I wanted them so I could use them as backdrops for any possible pictures in the future. February’s box was a lovely marble design. There is also a large sheet filled with smaller images which I cut out last time and filled my scrapbook with.


I did this post differently as I usually talk about my favourite item first, these items are just everything, well, this whole box is but just look at the stickers and the lovely stamps. I also have a little tip with stamps that I found online… If you file them down slightly with a nail file the ink sticks better, really! It works a treat.

Lastly there was some ephemera card shape things that I will glue into my bullet journal that I have plans for. I like that there was quite a few card shaped ephemeras- this whole box is really packed with so much considering what I paid.


If I was to narrow down what I thought of this box in three words they would be dreamy, WOW and creative. What would your three words be to describe this box?

The box also included a print that I must have forgotten to capture, you can see it tucked away below in the middle.


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