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This weeks fun (34) ✨

This week has been a very odd and surprising week in so many good ways. I have been reading the UnMumsy mum diary which has made me really think ‘what are my priorities?’ I guess as parents we all priorities different things and how we like to do things, I will be writing up how the book made me really look at my life soon- when I have time to finish it with all my other priorities in life. I had a lovely three days off this week which felt so good to just focus on Logan. I have been slacking at blogging this week but again other things keep popping up, life can be such a rollacoaster! Here’ my surprising week in detail…


We are moving! I had only just found out a few days ago from a very excited Rob, I trust his judgment (I think) that this is the right thing to do but I’m still feeling very on edge with the idea. I love the house that we are in but reality is that it’s not big enough, it’s cold, it has got a dim feeling to it and I hate living in a town. The house we are moving to is bright, so much bigger and in a village down the road from my work which is the biggest bonus. I hate that Logan has to stay awake to pick me up with Rob so walking home will be so beneficial to us all. The house has some work to be done before I will happily move in there- mainly new carpet to replace some very old fashioned ugly ones and a roof that needs fixing from it leaking. I will have more details about it when I go and visit it this week to really know how I feel about it, I’m so taking my mum so she can give me an honest opinion… Fingers crossed!

A new home means one things… SHOPPING! I brought some lovely picture frames today from The Range as well as some stationary bits, storage boxes and coasters.


One priority of mine has been helping Logan with potty training < I hate that phase I don’t know why so really taking the jump from nappies to pants. With some upsets while out with him feeling embarrassed with accidents we have stayed in, it has helped so much with him not miles away in thought. Have you got any tips with a toddler taking the big jumper from nappies to pants?

I received a postcard from overseas and it had unicorns on it. Letters that come from overseas have the best stamps on them.


I might have posted it a week later than planned but finally I did share March’s Treat Box,  I will be posting another two next week- When I can squeeze in some time to open them. I might be saying that I have had no time for anything but I am happy to be busy, I have so many things planned that I am sure I will do when time allows. I think sometimes having time away from my laptop is refreshing do you ever feel like that?


I finished work today nice and early so Rob took us for a drive around St Mawes to show us some houses he has previously helped build, we had to travel on a ‘fun’ boat in Logan’s words. We are so taking a picnic down there this summer in the little castle that we didn’t dare walk around today with the cold air previously making us shiver while on the boat.



One media site that has had some TLC this week is Instagram. I am a social media bug that probably has ever site that helps my blog grow, so many that I can never focus on them all. I have a little trick that means one week I focus on one which helps it flower quickly with all I can give, while slightly planting some seeds in my others while awaiting flowering. I mostly enjoy Instagram so for now I will keep watering it more.


Lastly I want to share a funny moment that made me laugh. Rob gave me £30 as I used my wadges to pay the rent this month and all the household bills- we take it in turns. He said go to Newlook and get yourself something nice, he’s so cute! I skipped Newlook and went to Poundstretcher resulting in me spending £5.00 on coat hangers and getting some sweets. I then got some hair dye and a cute fox toy from Boots for my unborn newphew. I laugh happily because that’s my life, I get joy out of new coat hangers and buying something for someone I love, plus, hiding my light hair that starts to grow through with cheap dye. If you had £30 what would you get?

What have you done this week? Did you have a week filled with surprises?


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