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Treat Box March 2017

Before I know it Aprils Treat Box will be ready and on its way, how are we already over a week into March! I am very slack with enjoying my subscriptions this month as I started the ‘Spring’ cleaning early. I have had three days off work leaving me with time to sit down and even soak in my bath with one of the lovely items, here’s what I got…


Firstly well done Treat Box on the new packaging which I was unable to capture on camera due to being impatient- I just had to peek inside my box ASAP. I favoured out of everything in this box the honey comb bar. I have a sweet tooth and as mentioned before I love to try new things, the bar was very yummy. I have had a soak with the creamy feeling bath melt, it smelt so good and made my skin feel so soft. I was happy that my very sensitive skin did not react to it like it does many things.


My second favourite items were the cute cards and a print that still awaits to join my other wall prints. I am sadly not a fan off ‘scary’ bees but I am of the bright yellow colour that brightens up this box. It was like summer in a box.


Right, note to self… Do some gardening! If the little seed packet in this box does not get me motivate I don’t know what will. I still need to get all of my gardening stuff from Robs mums- If I ever remember to do so. My sister wants the nail clippers but I want the packaging for when I need to file my nails, it’s nice that it’s a kind of two for one on that item. The lunch bag is actually beyond perfect. In the summer one thing Logan and I love to do is go for picnics, he has a lunch box but I put my stuff in carrier bags with previous intentions to one day get my own lunch bag. The lunch bag is also made out of recycled bottles which is a lovely touch in this nature filled theme.


All in all I was very happy once again, what do you think of this months Treat Box?





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