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Scent circus The Big Top Box ‘Welcome to Wonka land’ ✨

I did it! I got one, with no surprise to my excitement if you are one like myself who gets this exciting subscription box.- They sell out so quickly. I could not justify getting it last month as I had quite a few left from the pervious two boxes, the Magical Christmas movies box and the Mad Hatters Tea Party box. Seeing as I only had about six Scent Circus wax melts left this time around I figured a huge order was due. I made a first order which I posted about here that contained ‘finally’ the unicorn melt that I have been eyeing up, as well as a mermaid one and some unicorn poo… Yes poo, that luckily does not smell like the name but a ball of sweetness topped with glitter. I wont waffle on about poo and tell you what was in this month box…

( The below picture is my first order that also includes a few of the lovely mother day wax melts.)


As per I like to start on the positive side of things and in this case my favourite item in the box. It is no secret with how much I love bubble Gum flavoured ice-cream, sweets and now smells! I really hope that they bring the bubble gum ‘bottom left’ scented melt into the online store so I can order some more. Do you like anything that tastes or smells of bubble gum? The right wax melt in the below picture is I would say my third favourite, I actually want to lick it and without you smelling it you probably think I’m nuts, really it actually smells too good to not try and eat- I didn’t eat it don’t worry.

-Burst Your Bubble ‘Chewing, chewing all day long’ No guesses to this scent.

-Candy Land (the one that I want to lick) is strawberry candy canes, vanilla ice cream and a raspberry everlasting gobstopper scent. Do you see why I want to eat it now?


Now for the NO, Cringe and dramatic urging moment. Liquorice you nasty, nasty smell that is no longer sitting in my home and in my bin. The bottom right one Is called Pure imagination and awful if you hate Liquorice. The bottom left is my second favourite that smells just like parma violets that I guess many remember eating growing up, it might be yellow but as I close my eyes there is no doubt to the smell.


Okay, so who doesn’t like chocolate? I certainly do and maybe I should eat less of it before that saying kicks in ‘a moment on your lips is a lifetime on your hips’. The melt Charlie’s chocolate says it all, I love chocolate and if you do, this smell is a sure winner. I couldn’t help but think will it give me chocolate cravings when I used it so I used one square- I imagined that more than one would be very overwhelming. Even with just one square the smell was strong and proved me right… I ate the whole below oreo bar ‘oops’.


These two ‘Ompa loompa poop’ melts make me laugh at myself because I think that they smell like a car air freshener. What I mean is it reminded me of what my dads car once smelt like when I was a child, I don’t know how or why I would remember such a thing but it’s a nice thought. I did get Rob to smell them and he thinks they smell like perfume, did you get this box? If so what do you think they smelt like?

-Oompa Loompa poop have a blend of orange blossom, sweet mandarin, Jasmin and a hint of lime.


I loved this box and all of the scents but one of them. I will order again from Scent circus as I have done for three months now, my home always smells so good thanks to these wax melts.

What do you think of this box?



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