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This weeks fun (33) ✨

I think when you have a bad week the following week has to be better right? Well I guess it couldn’t be any worse. I said in my last weeks this weeks fun that it had not really been the best week, this week has luckily been so fun and filled with really nice days. Poor Rob is still having a rough time with working none stop so I did get him a lovely little present. I have also kept our house spotless so he didn’t have to worry about house hold chores, the huge washing pile is finally no longer an endless pile- washing is my least favourite thing to do. I feel rather proud of myself as keeping on top of things means I’ve been able to do nice little things like sitting down and chilling, I usually leave everything to last-minute, do you do that? Here’s what I have done other than work, washing and sorting through Logan’s old clothes.


Logan’s Toucan box had to sit on the shelf for three whole days- he was very patient and waited for me to have a day off work. I really enjoyed doing it with him after it reminded me that we need to do more craft things, It’s so hard juggling everything though. I find that if I’m not caught up with working I’m usually running around doing day-to-day things… If only we had more hours in the day.

The weather really does not know what it is doing at the minute! We had a power cut this week followed by a really sunny day the next day. On a day that was not so bright Logan put his wellies on while asking me if we could go out, he had so much fun jumping in puddles, well, until he completely fell in one.


I don’t know why but Logan has been so sleepy this week so one afternoon he was snoring away just after lunch. I stuck the kettle on, had a hot bath and then had a second hot cup of tea with some biscuits. I should have used my time better and maybe done some course work but I couldn’t help myself, it was nice to just enjoy doing nothing for once.



I did notice that I am going low on wax melts so I order some from my favourite company, Scent Circus. I did two orders as I didn’t buy last month’s big top box . I didn’t buy it because I still had quite a few- until I used them. I love the monthly subscription box that’s a total surprise until they come through the door, well, they tell you the theme then the melts are a surprise- expect a full review coming next week. On my first order I got a Unicorn, mermaid, unicorn poo and some mothers day themed ones. I did order some mermaid poo as well with my second order.

I also made an order last Friday from Ohh deer the place I also get my PaperGang subscription from each month. They had a 3 for 2 offer on so I finally got a few things that I had been eyeing up, have you shopped there before?



I love world book day. I was casually walking through town on Friday when I noticed some big signs saying 3 for 2 on selected kids books in WHSMITH. Logan didn’t need three new books but I was curious to see if there was any other offers on, I was right. I picked the Unmummseymum diary up for half price and found a stand that is very outdated. It was a Zoellas 2016 Autumn book club stand, it’s defiantly not 2016 anymore and I guess the weather does have some similar moments right now. Logan picked the most expensive book that he was so chuffed with, he is obsessed with Moana so had to get a book that came with 12 figures, we are looking forward to buying the film next week. Have you watched it?


Pay day week is the best week as you can tell, I work so hard so I like to buy a little something as a well done you survived another month being a busy bee. I also picked a few extra shifts up last months so we could have a little spurge. I won’t be picking any shifts up over summer I am hoping for sun and days out, do you work more over winter?

Here’s a peek at this week on my Instagram here.


Also coming next week is a review on the March Treat Box.








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