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Logan’s Toucan box (1) ✨

Logan has his very own subscription box now, a fortnightly Toucan box. It was bursting with items to get creative with. Logan was so excited when I showed him the box before he had even had a peak inside, he was so patient waiting three whole days to open it- I had work so we couldn’t have any fun. I promised him we could open it once he had eaten all of his breakfast and helped me do some dishes, he loves water so the dishes are hardly a chore for him. Does your child/ren help you around the house? Logan also uses his Henry hoover when I’m hoovering which is so sweet of him to help. With this being the first box to come we did not know what to expect other than seeing a few previous boxes online, I was worried that he might be too young for it being only two. They even state on the website that the box is more suited for children aged 3 +. With the first box being free I thought at least we could just give it a go and see how it went, safe to say we will be getting another box he absolutely loved it.




I like that the box is personalised, I said to Logan that his name was written on it and while saying so I realised that I am rubbish at sitting down and writing with him. Then that’s okay right? What age do we start getting more complex in the things we teach our children? I think they can grow up too quickly so I am happy to just stick to drawing shapes and doing easier projects like this box.

We ripped open the box and Logan was so calm, I expected him to be grabbing everything or at worst destroying the items ‘he can be a little monster’. He actually listened and fully took in everything I was saying, he just sat there smiling while I tried sorting through what we had and needed to follow.



In the box I found a little book that had not only the instructions but things to do on each page, Logan wouldn’t understand how to follow lines just yet but he did love the drawing page. The first project was to make a sort of decoration. All the items that we needed were in the box which was nice to see, I stated of by doing the first part then Logan put all the beads on the pipe cleaners.



Logan literally spent a good half hour putting the beads on yet did not get bored, if anything he objected to trying the next activity- he was in his element. I found it really funny when he lied down while putting the beads on. I think it was helpful that the beads had large holes and the pipe cleaners were very firm so he didn’t find it too fiddly.

imageLogan did finally realise that he could not fit anymore beads on so said ‘Okay mummy what next?’ He shouted ‘YES!’ when I said ‘do you want to do some fishing? I did make the fish while Logan was busy with his decoration, I again followed the clear instructions. In the book there was a little pond for us to place the fish on.

If Logan had a friend over with there being two sticks and enough Pipe cleaners left over this could be a game played again, at aged two he was rather please with everything that we could do to get creative with. Once Logan had caught the fish over and over again he asked me to put his decoration up in his room as I had suggested, he does not forget a thing.



All in all this Toucan box get’s a 10/10 from Logan as we hardly have any time to run around getting things to do at home so it’s nice that it can just come to us. Logan not only learns to develop his creativity he is also learning to listen, to follow instructions and work well as a team. I think in day to day life a lot of the things he is learning while doing this box could really help, he loves crafts at nursery as well so maybe he will be like me when he’s older. What do you think of this box? I will say that Logan might be two but with growing up around my older nephew he’s more like a three year old, or a teenager sometimes with the things he comes out with. I wonder what our next box will be, I also wonder if I had just caught Logan on a good day so next time he might not sit and be interested- I will post again how he gets on with the next box.


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