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February’s The PaperGang box by Ohh Deer ✨

Last week Ohh Deer sent all the PapergGang boxes to some very excited customers, Including myself. I seem to always be at work when post arrives so I had to wait until Monday to collect mine after missing it on Friday. I was even more excited when everyone started uploading their pictures, Nina’s new stationary range is a dreamy holiday on paper. The birds remind me of a local place called Paradise park, have you been there? I think the best thing about The Paper Gang is how we see a lot of the things that they do, their Instagram story is always filled with people getting busy. If you haven’t seen February’s box yet here it is and the items.


I like to start with my favourite item and this deskpad is just everything, it’s so thick so I have no worries about it running out quickly. I am going to use it to plan my blog posts each week which will work so well, what would you use it for?



I plan to go camping this Summer which will most likely end up in my scrap-book with pictures- now I can keep the stickers to include. I sound really selfish but I have a card collection building up and to be honest I don’t want to give them away, I want the cards all for myself. I can bet that one day I will have to raid my stash after forgetting to buy one for someone. The birthday card is a lovely item included to celebrate The Paper Gangs first birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!… You can’t have my card, but you can my money for future boxes.


Rob looked at me with a frown when I showed him yet another notebook, I am starting to store them away now after finding as many projects a I can for them all. Now I will have to be patient and get through my others quick. I like that each item has different designs, my favourite drawing is the flamingo besides for the parrots, what would you say is your favourite drawing?


They are already taking orders in for next months box which you can subscribe for here or you can even just buy a one of box, here’s what all the items in the box are valued at after I paid £29 + shipping for three months subscription …

  • 1 x sticker set £3.95
  • 1 x A4ish notebook £4.95
  • 1 x A4 deskpad £7.95
  • 1 x greeting card £2.50
  • 1 x riso printed calender £1.95




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