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This weeks fun (32) ✨

I won’t be sad with this week passing rather quickly, it has been crazy and to be honest very stressful. Rob is stressed and Logan is… how do I describe a sassy toddler?! And I, well, I have tried cheering my two grumpy boys up this weeks. My laptop has stayed shut, my office has not been touched and to be honest we have had a lovely few evenings with me not being a busy bee. I forget sometimes how much time blogging takes up so Rob was very appreciative to actually get some human conversation. Logan has stayed up past twelve on two nights! I am okay with that because I don’t sleep until at least two but Rob has felt very sleep deprived, Logan was convinced that he had monsters in his bedroom. He also keeps napping in the day, while saying that Rob just woke him in fear that he won’t go to bed again tonight. I think other that that here’s those little moments that have made our week bearable.

Oh, this week also marks my 7 month blogaversary ‘is that even a word’?


On Monday Logan Decorated biscuits with me, not only was it cost effective but it was also  fun and easy. Logan picked what sweets he wanted from the shop and then skipped home excited.

I got to use my fondue set that Rob for me for Valentine’s Day. The set is good but not something I will use often as it’s really messy, it also doesn’t light up the best leaving the chocolate go really thick.


I needed something to help me relax, something pretty and creative. I walked into a local book shop on a hunt for something different to read and found the perfect book, okay so I found at least ten I wanted – I have listed them down to slowly buy. I saw so many lovely book covers that I would love to just sit on my shelf, do you have a favourite book? The tea was not bad but like the fondue set it wasn’t something I would use/drink on the regular. Do you have any tips on how to relax? Logan sat and read my new book with me on the night that he stayed awake well past midnight. I like that the book has some recipes, craft ideas and even some tips for fun days out.

Ah, I lied. I have entered my office once this week quickly to keep Rob company while he emailed some clients. I used my time well making an owl as you can see below, The owl was on my last PaperGang box  , I hope to pick this months box up from the post office Monday- why does it always have to arrive on a Friday making me have to wait for the whole weekend to pass! I keep seeing everyone’s on Instagram making me want it so badly.


When your day is not the best what is a girl to do? A bathbomb and a cider will just about cure the grumps. Rob is working at a wine yard at the minute meaning he gets discount on tasty cider so he brought some home.



I am smiling while thinking of those moments that make my days, we have watched so many films this week including Angry Birds which I thought was so funny, have you watched it yet? I hope next week brings some better days and also good days for you if it’s not been a week to remember .

On my Instagram this week I have uploaded a selfie after putting make-up on for the first time in weeks and brightened up my page even more with these happy moments below.




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