7 months blogging ✨

I have now had my little blog for seven months! Wow time really does fly when you are having fun. I use to do regular updates but again time has crept up on me leaving me filling my page with so many other new and frequent things. I generally do updates to thank my followers, you guys really are great and fill my page with lovely comments and likes. What do you like most about my blog if you do follow it?



Firstly I recently started my throwback Friday- one of my favourite posts each week. No guesses to what day I post that. I also post a subscription box each week if I can, I do buy each box myself and all comments are my own… then you can see the beauty in my pictures. I also post more baking fun and crafts which just the other day I Decorated biscuits with Logan. Each Sunday I post my whole week on my This weeks fun posts and starting from last week I am ending the posts with my Instagram pictures. Saturdays I do not blog, I need an evening when my laptop is off and time to switch off, do you do that?  With my Pretty items of the day I try and mix them up with things I have bought or even things I want. See If I post something and then after a few weeks if I still want it I generally know it’s something I like, you know when you try something in a shop and by the time you get home you dont like it anymore, it’s kinda like that.

I do do slack on some things more now… My Facebook page is so neglected and I really need to improve on Twitter, I get so many Follow, unfollow, follow and so on moments some days when people just want a follow from me- aw the frustration! Saying that the chats are really good to meet new people, that’s if I don’t get distracted and forget to carry on the chat. Pinterest is still an absolute fail for me, how does it even work?! I am happy that my reason for starting blogging  is my favourite site, Instagram. With my blog I wanted a place to post my pictures and elaborate more on, a place to kind of make into a diary for myself with all my fun memorise. Why did you start blogging? I also find Instagram a preview on what people can find on my blog which works really nicely.

I am now left with the what I aim to do in the future… Nothing. Well I will keep growing and enjoying what I love but I find the best thing come as a surprise. The best ideas come from inspiration from all over my social media sites or even pointers from my aw so clever sister, some days I fill a whole page with ideas. I try and note down a list on all my blog posts in my notebook so I know what I am doing weeks in advance, it’s so helpful in fact for when I have writer block, do you get that?


I really do appreciate you reading my posts or even just this one if you have come across it, thank you! I hit my next follower count goal last week to do a giveaway so keep an eye out. I am doing a lovely giveaway next I just need to get two more items and then the package will be complete.

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