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Decorating biscuits with Logan ✨

Logan had so much fun making biscuits last week for valentines day and of course the decorating them part. Growing up my favourite thing about after school club was the easy, quick and yummy activities. Yesterday Logan asked me to do some baking, remembering how much fun it was to just decorate biscuits I suggested we skip the baking part. We went for a walk to get some sweeties and digestive biscuits.


Logan was eager to make Rob some for when he came home so picked some of his Daddy’s favourite sweets. we wanted different icing colours so put some icing into three bowls and added some icing dye, Logan helped me mix them.


He forgot that you can eat icing so when it got on his finger he freaked out begging me to wash his hands, I said ‘you can eat it’… He happily licked his finger finished with a big grin.

He looked down at the bowls rather confused with what we then had to do, I showed him how simple it all was and before I knew it he was getting busy as I had once done. The best things to do with Logan really are things I remember as a child.

I did have to explain to Logan that one biscuits didn’t need ten sweets on it, well if we had more sweets then that would be okay but he kept sneaking them into his mouth. I like that Logan is becoming really interested in getting creative as he use to get bored quick. We have his first Toucan box ordered which I think he will love, we have been rubbish with crafts as well laity so it’s my main goal to do more fun things. Do you get creative with your child/ren?


I might not be a master chef but with work and a busy life sometimes we need a quick thing to do, with pay day being a week away we also needed something not to costly. I will be doing this again with Logan, his face filled smile is just heart melting. Rob was greeted with a very excited boy when he came home ‘Daddy I made you biscuits’ he was shouting while running into the kitchen to fetch his creations.




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