Toddler boy clothes wishlist ✨

My not so little boy is turning three in May, THREE! Can time please slow down as a year from September I will have a full time school boy in my house, he will have a uniform and homework! I am really going to enjoy our flexibility now when we can have park days in the week without any bother, we are lucky with nursery. We can ring up and say the sun is out so off to the beach we are going and get no issues, we won’t be able to do that with school. For now Logan will be growing out of his 2-3 clothes soon, well, his tops his little legs still fit into 2-3 trousers with them still falling down all the time. I think his shorts from last summer will fit better this year as they were very baggy. I have started to buy things already as I like to buy in advance, do you do that? Here’s some stuff that  I think would really suit him.


Lego Spiderman top from Sainsbury’s, £7.00.

Batman jumper from Next, £16.00 – £24.00.

Spiderman pyjamas from Next, £18.00 – £24.00.

Palm trees shirt  from Zara, £12.99.

Dungarees from Zara, £16.99.

Cactus leggings from Zara, £6.99.

Marvel all over top  from M&S, £12.00 – £18.00.

Star Wars top from M&S, £12.00 – £18.00.

Dinosaur joggers from M&S, £11.00 – £12.00.

I think Zara is my favourite place to buy Logan clothes as they send the stuff in the sweetest parcel and the prices I find are very reasonable. Do you have a favourite place to buy kids clothes?





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