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This weeks fun (31) ✨

It’s Friday. No really I’m on a roll this week and tonight I am scheduling a whole bunch of posts. The reason I am writing this is because I have work tomorrow and Sunday so there’s no chance for fun on those days, luckily this week has had some lovely moments- yummy moments to be exact. I just noticed while looking at my pictures that I’ve had a major sweet tooth. What have you done this week? Here’s my week…


I wrote a post on What Valentines means to me to fit the special occasion, well it was special for us as we went on a lovely date night. Did you do anything nice for Valentines Day?

On Monday I was suppose to have a day off but work really needed me in, I had so much planned! That didn’t stop me I went home and still cooked a yummy dinner and did some baking with Logan, finished with some course work ‘yawn’.

What is a week without a subscription box in the post? I am so excited for my PaperGang one next week, the sneak peeks are not helping me be patient. This week I got the February’s world of snacks which I really enjoyed- well my sweet tooth did.


Rob got me flowers, a fondue set and a three months subscription for the Paper Gang, he really is the best.


I made pancakes, I really wanted to make blue and pink ones but failed completely. I read online some tips so hopefully on pancake day I can give them another go. Do you have any tips on how to get colourful pancakes?

I don’t really have a lot to say this week, a basic but sweet week that really shows its beauty in pictures. My Instagram is looking beautiful below, there’s more pictures here. What’s is your Instagram filled with this week?



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