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February’s world of snacks

What is better than snacks in the post? Snacks from another country and this months items are South Africa, I wonder if the company got them in the UK! If so I would love to know were I can get some of the yummy snacks that I have never heard of. two of the items I will happily never set eyes on again, well they looked yummy but my taste buds did not agree. I was so excited for this months box after getting my World of snacks January box , the box is a fun Russian roulette. Do you love trying new things? I was surprised with how much my box contained and had a right feast, that was before Rob came home so he couldn’t steal any again. Here’s what he missed out on.


I have a guilty daily snack that I consume way too much of in one day, crisp. I can eat bags and bags of crisp happily. I find though that here in the UK a bag is filled with more air that actual crisps! Would you agree? before opening the Mrs H.S balls Chutney flavoured crisps ‘potato chips’ and the Frito barbecue flavoured crisps, I could feel that they were very generous with the amount in them. My favourite packet was the Barbecue one.


I was happy to see chewing gums as I really liked last months soda soft centred chewing gums. The Chappies ones were bursting with flavour like the lolly. I don’ tend to eat lollies, well, I don’t tend to buy any but the fizz pop has made me want to stock up on some, I wonder if I could find any fizz pops locally. I however do buy white chocolate and marshmallow. I really enjoyed the Beacon chocolate covered marshmallow, Rob got me a fondue set for Valentines day which came with milk chocolate and marshmallows to dip.


Here comes the sweet that I will happily never set eyes on again! I was so excited to try the Funky fruit bars, aw how I wish I had smelt the Apricot one before I bite into it. I opened it as I was quickly making my way through the snacks and felt a crunch. I spat it out, glad that no one was around to see me holding a chewed sweet. I smelt it and the only way I can describe the smells is like ass, for such a tempting name the sweet was in no way tempting. I have not tried the Guava fruit roll. I am scared! It looks tasty but will it share the same fate as the funky fruit sticks? I might be naughty and share it with Rob leaving him to try it first.


I love peppermint and now have a favourite chocolate bar, where can I buy another Peppermint crisp! It even has the word crisp on the packaging so it was fate. I also really liked the Blacbuzz mixed fruit flavoured fizzers, I luckily tried these before the funky fruit sticks or I might have avoided them.


I know why there was a Cream soda in the box, it saves our taste buds for when a nasty sweet surprises us. I quickly opened the can dreading that I would also spit that out- imagine the mess with that! I didn’t spit it out but found it rather refreshing.


I asked Rob what it Biltong, he thought he would be funny and say an animal tong. After Google told me the truth I now know it isn’t so I opened the packet up with a Rob now home watching my expression. I don’t know why I was so hesitant, I eat meat and to be honest it didn’t taste that bad but saying that I wouldn’t go out and buy any as a first choice snack.


I liked more in this months box than I did last month which was a bonus. With it being such a good price I can’t complain at all as it really opens my mind up to new things, would you get this box? I am dying to know what country the next box is. I think they need an American box filled with Taffy, if you like this box you can subscribe


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