My favourite posts on Bloglovin ✨

I love Bloglovin, who doesn’t? Well some people don’t but I myself find the place to be the best site to find new bloggers, or blog posts. Do you use Bloglovin? I at first didn’t really get into it, with time and seeing how much other bloggers love it I gave it another go. I get so much inspiration from the site now and see posts that contains really helpful tips. If you couldn’t get into it like me then give it another go yourself, I keep seeing so many yummy food recipes, fashion tips and even day trips that really motivate me to do things differently. Here’s some posts that I love, go check them out- you never know you might get inspiration from them.


1. I think almost everyone has been raving about Gilmore Girls since it was revealed that there was going to a be new mini series. I myself just can’t get into it but love hearing others favourite points, this post is Roxie’s favourite quotes from Gilmore Girls- I don’t have a favourite quote but share the girls love for unhealthy food and a good cup of coffee.

Gilmore Girls | Where you lead, I will follow.

2. Oops I have absolutely said at least one of these on the list, I am no perfect parent and I highly doubt anyone is. I do appreciate advise and parenting posts though as let’s also be honest kids are not born with instructions. Have you said anything on the below list?

Prases parents should never say to their kids

3. If you follow my blog you might know by now that I love getting creative and trying new things. When I saw the below post on How to make temporary tattoos I had to bookmark it, would you give making some a go?

How to make temporary tattoos

4. If I ‘ever’ get married one thing I know that I want so many personal touches around, I want to really get creative with the decorations. I would definitely make these flower rings… Can I make them now and place them around my home anyway?

Flower napkin rings DIY

5. Anyone who has been shopping with a baby/children knows the struggles. We use to put Logans car seat in the trolley, I might have even taken a picture and sent it to everyone saying ‘I’m returning my child. I wish I had one of the Trolley hammocks! They look much more effective than a rolling around car seat.

Baby shopping cart hammock

6. I did a gratitude page in my bullet journal last month and love Gemma’s list on things she’s grateful for. I am grateful for so much in my life and I think I am pretty lucky with all that I have.

10 thinks I am super grateful for laitly

7. I am not aloud to wear nail polish at work but I can still admire others beautiful nails, or even on A/L paint mine for the week. One thing I’m good at is painting a French manicure so when I can I  want to paint mine like Savannahs.

Ombré heart mani DIY

8.  I am excited to see Emma’s self care Sunday posts each week as the one thing that helped me through postnatal depressing was better self care. A bubble bath or even a nice cup of tea goes a long way in feeling relaxed, feeling human and just feeling like yourself.

Self care Sunday

9. Logan loves books, I love books and again we both love a good film. I am looking out for the below film that I think Logan would be excited to watch.

We’re going on a bear hunt DVD

10. Who doesn’t like freebies?! I sure do and couldn’t wait to print off some free printables to colour in. I printed the Peter rabbit one, what one would you print?

Free printable colouring pages

Do you have any favourite blog posts? These are just my recent favourites I probably have another hundre bookmarked. If you have any posts you think I would love to read please share it below.

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