What Valentines means to me ✨

Seeing as today is Valentines I am left thinking, why should we celebrate or even have Valentines day? Lets be realistic, do we shower our loved ones everyday of the year with the love and affection that they deserve? So why not on this day with even a simple gesture celebrate the love that we are fortunate to have, even with just words. It’s nice to make someone really feel special.


Someone out there has no one, has lost someone or even waits to meet that one true love. Do we owe it to others to appreciate the fact that we can celebrate? I might not have Rob forever, I also love that Logan has seen us appreciate each other with simple gestures today.


Besides from Rob my heart is open to others and Logan did his own little valentines gestures for grandparents today. I love my mum dearly as Rob does his so Logan got both our mums some flowers, chocolate, a card and a little gift- why should it just be about partners? I think appreciating everyone that we love is just as important, my friend texted me first thing saying happy Valentines day, I felt loved. Rob came home with flowers at lunch, a card and a presents. We are heading out tonight to watch a movie, I have had a beautiful day and really felt appreciated. Do you celebrate Valentines? If not why not? Every girl says yeah it’s fine I don’t want flowers as my mum did to my dad, after I Logan gave her some she did say she felt sad while in the supermarket eyeing up all the pretty flowers.

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