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This weeks fun (30) ✨

After I finish work tonight I have three days off! I plan to do some baking and finally tackle my washing pile that’s chilling in my room. I also plan to sort my photo albums out as there’s two lovely ones sat empty, do you like to fill photo albums? This week Rob has cooked me some amazing meals and Logan has been xtra cuddly, he really didn’t want me to work this week which made me sad. I think he will understand one day hopefully that you need to work to have a home and food. He will be happy after today to have me all to himself for a few days, here’s just some things that have made me happy and really appreciate what I have this week…


Firstly this week I have seen Logan age so much in just one week. He is slowly getting there with using a potty, he’s no longer using his buggy and he’s got some sassy words coming out of his mouth, ‘Excuse me mummy I’m talking to you’. I can’t believe in May he will be three! He counted to ten infront of Rob this week and Rob didn’t know that he could count, I think Rob was tearing up watching him. Logan also cuddles up to Rob and I smiling while saying ‘mummy we your boys’ – they sure are.


On our way home on Monday we went into Bristol to check the amazing mall out. Logan rinsed Robs wallet and chucked coins into the wishing fountain, I was happy to sneak into PaperChase while they were busy.


I love locally made baking goods. Like wow! The brownies that cake jmo makes are just to die for, I have had four this week and even microwaved them to make them even more gooey.


I posted about my latest subscription boxes, the Januarys Brimbles box and the February’s Treat Box – I am hoping that another subscription turns up this week. Do you get any subscription boxes?

With buying some beautiful items from PaperChase including some new prints I redid my office space. Well I put all my prints up and also found homes for each item from my subscription boxes, they made it feel like Christmas all over again.


What has made you smile this week? I also started a diary that I’ve so far been very good at writing in. I must remember to go through my old ones, some are kinda broken so I might repair them.



2 thoughts on “This weeks fun (30) ✨

  1. Thank you, It breaks my heart when he begs me to stay home. I know it’s worth it on pay day when I can buy my own things and hope he has the same attitude in life to work for things he wants. 🙂


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