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January’s Brimbles box

Aw Mrs Brimbles you creative beaut! I like writing about subscription boxes as really no words are even needed, the pictures describe this box perfectly. It might be February now but I had only just found this box last week and luckily there was a few boxes left. I was browsing through some YouTube videos as you do to waste time in the evening and there it was, in the suggested bar, Mrs Brimbles opening her creation. I did lose my bank card recently so after transferring some money into Robs account I ordered one, the February one was tempting but I’m holding out for the March one. There are a few hints on Instagram on what theme the March one is here,  for now here’s what I luckily found on time…


My parcel/box was so big that I came home to a red card from the post office, I patiently waited for the following day to hurry up so I could collect my parcel- Okay I wasn’t acting patient. The first items below are the reason that I had to order this box, I really wanted some stamps but hadn’t yet bought some. I love the little stamp set that has now started my collection, they work really effectively. I like the rose print washi tape and the marble sticky notes- I have already found a place for all these items in my office today.


The fridge magnet calendar my sister has already claimed, I am useless with calendars but she was happy when I said that she could have it while on facetime to her showering her the box. I won’t part ways with any of the other items though!


What are embellishments? I have never heard of them before and by looking at them I can’t quite figure out what they are. I really do like this marble theme I can use the marble tabs in my bullet journal. I think that the printed card looks really nice on my wall with my postcards, it does have a greetings note on the other side.


How cool are the below stickers? Again an item I can use in my bullet journal, I won’t have to get that creative anymore with all these stickers, washi tape and stamps.


Lastly is another reason why I had to order this box, the sheets are rather large so when I saw them I figured that they would work well as backdrops. I was right as I have already taken picture of another subscription that I will post this week. On each side there is a different print with three designs between them all, the middle sheet I plan to cut and add into my scrapbook. What would you do with these items? Some people make tags.


All in all this box was worth £18.00 and a subscription I will order again, would you be happy with this box? Here’s where you can get this months box or even the March box that I am going to get > Here



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