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This weeks fun (28) ✨

This week has been fun… I lost my bank card ‘again’ the other week and now it seems the postman might have lost my new one. I have also had the worst back pains and found myself wide awake past 3am. The things is I have nothing on my mind other than pure excitement for our holiday, our first family holiday! I have worked super hard this week as per- at least I can burn my takeout calories at the same time, do you have an active job? We are now traveling up to a beautiful holiday home, I will fill you in with all the fun details next week so for now here’s all the fun we have had… (I wrote this on Friday)


I completely forgot to include the below little creation last Sunday so I’m squeezing it in this week. I made a card for Logan to give his Nanny for her birthday, my first card attempt as well, I didn’t do so bad would you agree?


Are you getting sick of all the beautiful subscription boxes that I am sharing? I showed a little preview last Sunday, to then show you all of the beautiful items in pictures on the Monday. I think last month January’s The PaperGang box by Ohh Dear might be my favourite.

Everyone at my work has started a trend. The ladies all have step counters and when I finally got one we all clocked up our steps with no surprise to the amount. 11,047 steps sounds about right I said when I left aching, feeling hungry and exhausted. How many steps do you reckon you do while at work?


With so many steps in the day I have to gain my calories back somehow… Take-out works a treat. I do wait until Logan is in bed as I do consider the fact that junk food isn’t good unless in moderation. I often give Logan fruit and forget about myself, I really need to start eating when he eats and I’ll probably eat less rubbish. Meh. I like cake!

Logan you sweet little human. I will just leave these pictures here to share the cuteness.


I revived two subscriptions on Friday so now I’m excited to get home and open them, well I might have had a slight peek before leaving for our holiday. Posts coming next week on them.


I hope you have had a lovely week, do you have any holidays booked? Here’s a sneak peek at our time away so far through pictures.




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