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This weeks fun (27) ✨

I have been winging it this week with working so much and Logan crying endlessly, those darn dreaded colds! Friday I finished work and Logan was not up for nursery so we put a film on and he slept all afternoon. I have enjoyed being back at work after a week off and now have work until Friday, once I finish on Thursday I can relax for five days- four while we are away. Logan and I went to watch Rob play rugby yesterday and today we had plans but sacked them off, this tired mumma needed a day to chill…more like to clean the house! I am failing as right now it’s 2pm and I have achieved no cleaning. What have you achieved this weekend? (I came back to add pictures so now it’s nearly 7pm and I still didn’t achieve anything).

I did enjoy a nice Indian last night and brought a horror movie that left me wide awake until 3am. I have also had fun reading a book that I’ll write about next week, for now here’s the best parts about my week…



  • I completely forgot about our trip to the park on Monday I met my friend with her yummy six month old baby and went for a walk. Logan loved him so much he kept kissing him on the head and showing him how to play with toys, he wasn’t happy when I was holding the baby ‘My Mummy!’ he would say. I do get excited seeing Logan with a baby, he will be a great big brother one day- As stated before I’ll enjoy my full nights sleep for now.



  • I am my own worst nightmare with eating/drinking sugary things before bed. The other day I made Rob and myself a milkshake each, they were so tasty if you want to make one here’s how I would advise to not make one so close to bed time though.



  • With Logan dozing away on Friday I finally had a chance to read my Blogosphere magazine and could not put it down. I can see why Zoella is so popular with her natural way to get your attention, she is an inspiration. Do you read the Blogosphere magazine?
  • I can’t go a week without seeing my friends so after I put Logan to bed and Rob was comfy being a couch potato I went out for food, I was starving and so ready for a Meadry- Plus some Mead. My friends all headed into town while I went home and spent the rest of my evening becoming a couch potato like Rob. What did you do Friday night?



  • How lovely is the above elephant bedding set and elephant pillow, it was Robs mums birthday and with her love for elephants I had to get the above items when I saw them, do you like elephants?



I can’t decide what I liked more the above cover to my first Papergang parcel or the items inside the box. I will be sharing tomorrow the matching items that I got in the parcel, I am really chuffed with the things in this subscription box. Do you get any monthly subscriptions?

Have you seen my January’s Treat Box review?

We are nearly at the end of the month and  I really hope you have so far had a good 2017. February is already looking to be a fun month for me with going away and four subscription boxes ordered… I am a shopaholic for sure. Do you have any plans for next months?



2 thoughts on “This weeks fun (27) ✨

  1. So much cuteness! Mum’s prezzies are gorgeous! My friend shared her Papergang goodies on Instagram and it was love at first sight. I could spend so much on awesome subscriptions. Where’s the bedding from?

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  2. We got the bedding from The Range, I could stay in that store for hours. I just said to you the other day I don’t need anymore notebooks for a long time… The PaperGang one was worth one more 😍 I think I need to pick my favourites in March and stick to two, why do they all have to be so amazing! 😩

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