Spreading love with an award ✨

I am never on time for things so right now I am fashionably late with spreading the love on for the one lovely blog award. I like this award and the fact that someone likes my blog, I have a nice follower count but how many evan interact with my posts? I love seeing the same people pop up on my notifications, it’s a nice reminder to visit their blog, like -Hey remember me! So I do go and have a nosey. This reward is a chain that’s going around and Sandy awarded me this award, she has also been awarded it prior to sharing…. I wonder who started this chain! Any ideas?

one-lovely-blog-award-squareWith this reward there’s a few little things I have to do and the first one is to give seven facts about myself, aw boy! Hmm I am so asking Rob to help me with this.

  1. I can touch my nose with my tounge, a gross but true fact. I saw a toddler do this the other day so I am gladly not the only one.
  2. I can do the splits when I have never in my life been remotely active, I refused to do P.E in school leading to mum having to come in to do it with me. I still refused and spent the time sitting in the corner reading a book each week.
  3. I look at food and loose weight, kidding but I eat and eat and eat and sometimes get on the scales and weigh less! People always ask me if I eat much… I am a human pig all jokes aside.
  4. I am so scared of bees like if I even hear one I scream and run. I once got stung by one so since then my first thought is run.
  5. While I am scared of bees I even more scared of needles. My friend who once screamed a whole surgery down could argue that she is more scared than me- I would agree I don’t scream I just run away.
  6. I have three tattoos the first one I got was a feather on my foot and I have never told anyone this, but I only got it to cover a chocolate coloured birthmark. I hated my birth mark growing up and the second I turned 18 I made it disappearing. I really wouldn’t care so much about it now if it was still there.
  7. Lastly I suffer with really bad anxiety, I have since a young age which has lead to me always giving up on things, I always think am I even good enough? I second guess myself all the time leaving me so frustrated at myself. I struggle in busy places and people making really loud noises, oddly enough I hate hugs and people touching me. I told people I work with that I hate hugs so they hug me even more, I politely pat them on the back cringing I have hugs for Logan and Rob and no one else- invading my personal space it a big no.

My facts are not the most positive because hey they are the ones that are intriguing the most. People will often show what their likes and hobbies are, I for sure share how much I love shopping, cake and pretty things on my blog so wanting to mix it up. Do you have any facts about yourself?

A big Thank you once again to Sandy for this award, I have now shared my facts so I am left with the best part about this award. I do not even have to think hard on who my favourite blog winners are so here I go with passing the lovely blog award on…

I could list so many more blogs that I love but I would be here forever, do you have bloggers that you just love?

If you’ve been nominated in the above and would like to accept your nomination then here are the rules.

  1.  Thank the person that nominated you and leave a link to their blog
  2.  Post about the award
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself
  4. Nominate at most 15 people
  5. Tell your nominees the good news.





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