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This weeks fun (26) ✨

I have had the whole week off work which has been lovely to spend time with Logan, he is going to be sad as well as I am when I go back on Tuesday. This week has been about relaxing and mostly hiding from the frozen air. I was hoping that we would wake with a white view outside but maybe we are in for another year with no snow, Logan would love to go out and build a snowman so there is still hope. I am excited for Spring though with Thursday being really sunny and perfect for a day out, we also watched some scary films this week and had takeout on Tuesday for Robs birthday.

What have you been doing this week? Have you had snow? Here’s what else we have been doing…


  • Logan asked me to ring his cousin on Thursday and seeing as they were free for the day we all went out. Firstly we went for milkshakes that were so yummy! I had to take a brownie home with them looking so tasty on the shelf in The front Room, a place I would highly recommend anyone to visit with the place also being very child friendly. We then headed to the park where my mum, dad and sister met us and ended the day in the arcade. Logan loves hanging out with his cousins I love watching them all grow together.
  • We spoilt Rob on his birthday, Logan was eager to celebrate asking me each day ‘Is it Daddy’s birthday yet?’ Logan helped me draw on Robs wrapping paper that I had left over from my How to make your own Christmas wrapping paper . I put some banners up saying birthday princess and regretfully sprinkled our home in confetti, I didn’t buy Rob a cake but instead got his some fun popping candy ice-cream.


  • Last night we went out for Robs birthday well I went out with the girls then met him out, I wanted him to enjoy his time with his friends so left him to it. I was going to stay in but as we have a fun family weekend planned next weekend I didn’t feel guilty for having a lazy ‘hungover’ day today. How did you spend your Saturday night? I went out for an hour as well Thursday night in a spare of the moment decision, my friends headed to Falmouth for a birthday celebration and I joined them. The club was packed so I did cut my night short, I hate busy nights.


  • We had the best roast dinner ever today and I again this week took a naughty treat home to demolish in the evening, my cake is sitting in the fridge waiting for me. I will wait for Logan to go to bed I am not prepared to share.



  • I got mail this week, one I do not even know where from. Well the U.S but I don’t remember giving anyone my address or even signing up for anything, any suggestions why someone may have sent me stickers and a brief note? I have written a letter back to both letters the second one I knew was coming, I had fun getting creative with them and even writing to my blogger friend- do you have a pen pal?


I have written up tomorrows post that involves some crafts fun that I did yesterday, check back and see what I have been getting messy with tomorrow. I hope your week has been as relaxing as mine.


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