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What I am reading: Bone By Bone ✨

What would you do If your child was being bullied or even found your child surrounded by a group of older boys, I think my biggest worry about Logan going to school is the dreaded name calling, kids laughing and the emotional effects left on a child. I have often seen parents try to choose a name that doesn’t resemble a horrible nickname. As much as there’s more awareness and help out there this book proves that sometimes you can still get bullied and even be deemed as a liar if you have no evidence.


I picked this book up randomly and as always I read the back to see what the book was about. Nine-year old Autumn is being bullied and her mum feels helpless, in the heat of the moment her mum makes a terrible decision. A choice that will have devastating consequences for her and her daughter.

If you find yourself picking up this book you will be filled with so many thoughts on who you let into your home, how people are not what they seem and why do bullies bully, can it simply be their upbringing? You will be shocked with how the mother and daughter are treated by new friends and even the authority- all they did was move away after Laura ‘Autumns mum’ was getting over a divorce in hopes to start a happy new life. Laura has so much determination in the things that she wants to do and struggles while juggling work, home life and with money. She has dreams on starting her own business while also studying at university once a week. her heart aches as a mother with how bad things are for her daughter.

Autumn is artistic and takes pride in the things she loves, she is left wondering if she is even good at drawing, is she really good at anything. She has no friends, no one to talk to as she blames her mum for everything- she wishes that they had never moved.





‘It’s paint, mum’


‘Red paint, I’m okay’. Her voice was wooden.





I had fear tickle through me for Autumn on more than a few occasions throughout this book, the bullying was a lot worse than just name calling. I wanted to shake Laura and say ‘pull her out of school! screw the social and the police’, is it that simple though? Can you just take your child out of school when no one even believes either of you.

The book does end on a lighter note after an explosive last few chapters including a death, I think it could have had a couple more pages but then that could be me just wanting more. I don’t read many books but this one I could not put down in the two days it took me to read it, have you read it? The book was written by sanjida Kay. Rob’s cute and brought me my next book to read I wonder if I end up not being able to put that one down. I have tried to not spoil anything in the book with just a few hints on what it is about and things that had my palms sweating.


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