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This weeks fun (25) ✨

I am ready to do absolutely nothing for seven days! I am so glad that I remembered to book next week off work. I just finished work and climbed straight into bed, do you ever do that? With working evenings this week I’ve had hardly any time to do things, my house is messy, my washing pile is high but do you know what… I don’t care. I will have a spring clean tomorrow if I hopefully fall asleep before 3am for the first time this week. I wrote a post on things that help me relax  and sorta jinxed myself to get no sleep, the one thing I can’t master is relaxing after work! Any tips? I will stop moaning and share the positive parts about my week …


  • I am having another nephew! I am getting spoilt with all these beautiful boys in my life, family is so precious so I’m excited for ours to grow even bigger. I am also excited to watch my sister fall in love with her son just like I did mine, there really is no way to describe the love you feel for your child. So my sister is 24 weeks pregnant to which she had only found out last week that she was expecting- shocked was an understatement.

Here’s her bump on the left at 24 weeks and mine with Logan on the right at 34… I was tiny…  you read right I was 34 weeks and only slightly bigger than her.


  • I had Monday and Tuesday off work on the days that Logan was at nursery and used my me time wisely. I had a bubble bath with a bath bomb, put my fluffy socks on and pigged out on junk food in bed, this cold weather makes for lazy days, the chores do themselves? I must clean tomorrow ‘sigh’.
  • I came home from work tonight and Rob had done a food shop… my life is sad, Gruffalo packaged teabags where the highlight of my day.


  • I am getting a pay rise ‘dances around’ FINALLY! They are actually going to pay us what we are worth as carers. I am looking at being £120 a month better off which is a lot, I will also in September not have to pay the huge nursery fee each month so hopefully I can start learning to drive and put some money away.

I don’t have a relevant picture on this topic so here’s a picture I took this week.


  • Lastly my last subscription box arrived that I ordered last month so tune in tomorrow to see the yummy, fun and odd foods that came through my door.


It’s Robs birthday on Tuesday so even though I have said I am on a lazy mission this week we are going out Tuesday night, Saturday night and I am going shopping on Thursday. Well looks like I might be in for a busy week, send coffee and help if you don’t hear from me.


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