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Newborn wishlist ✨

This week our family had some fantastic news! My sister is having a baby and days after finding out she is expecting she also found out she is 24 weeks! Can you tell by all the explanation marks I am not only excited but shocked. As my sister is having a boy she is lucky that I have saved everything that Logan had including toys, clothes and a swing chair. We have been sending pictures of things that are so dreamy and in our price range, I have gifted her some money to get a moses basket and for our shopping trip next week, what are sisters for or should I say Aunties. Are you expecting or someone close to you that’s looking for the perfect items? Here’s what we are swooning over…



I came up with the perfect plan with the moses basket as you may remember me mentioning before I plan to have another child in a few years, my sister has chosen a unisex mosses basket to pass onto me. I will happily pay £80.00+ for such a sweet set that will get two uses out of it.





I can see why my sister loves this comfort and harmony bouncer that I found for only £30.00, she sent me a link where it was the full price somewhere else. Logan loved his bouncer so hopefully if she gets this one her baby will enjoy it or even give her five minutes to shower.





My sister really doesn’t like colourful things I am going to have to buy a bright outfit to brighten everything up, this play mat is cute. I wonder if she buys things with elephants on them like I did Logan.





We can’t help but look at all the cute baby clothes and this whale romper set is perfect for a summer baby, Logan lived in vests his first summer. It’s so hard buying in advance like will the baby grow fast, will it be hot or rain the whole season? The three pack romper set is £10.00 from ASDA.






Last night my sister linked me this my first sit & play infant positioner, what do you think of it? I personally don’ like it, where’s the colourful items! I had bright everything, we all have our own tastes though and think for £29.99 if she loves it she should get it.





The list could go on but I need to finish this post, put my laptop down and stop being broody, I won’t be broody when I get a full nights sleep! I did grab some brilliant bargains in Sainsbury’s yesterday in the sale which I’ll share next week. I am so excited for my sister, Logan brings me joy everyday and now she can experience that with her own son .


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