Throwback Friday (1) ✨

I mentioned awhile back that this year I want to do a regular throwback on things I remember, times that hold great value to my heart. I will start from now and each Friday post a picture and a description on what that picture means to me. I would love it if you would comment anything that you remember or even a person that you hold close to your heart, feel free to upload your own post and comment your post below, I will happily link it onto this.

I think for my first I remember this memory is quite fitting… my first blog post. I was nervous and excited at the same time, what was I getting myself into with sharing my life, feelings and just everything with strangers. I am happy that I found the confidence to push aside my anxiety in the fact I can’t spell, I didn’t know anything about blogging and what I even wanted to gain from the experience. I expected to gain little followers and have a minimal response from others- I was wrong!  This week alone I have gained 20 followers and love seeing on my stats how people are jumping from post to post, I guess my rambling isn’t that bad. So there’s my first throwback I’ve got loads of fun ones to come from old drawings, days out, people I love and so much more.

I also remember putting 2016 in my blog name, now that was stupid ‘sigh’.




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