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Review: January’s Treat Box ✨

I am spoilt this week with my subscription boxes with receiving my Scent Circus and now my Treat box. I worked some extra shifts at work so figured why can’t a girl treat herself. With the Treat box I thought about doing the ‘build your own treat box’ option, I am not one to turn down a surprise though so opted for a one off box for £12.95. I must have not heard the post man so missed getting it yesterday, once I picked my parcel up I headed straight home.


I slowly started to rip open the box and stopped for a moment… I could smell something and to be exact I could smell a sweet flower scent, what could it be I wondered.


The box was packed with goodies I did not know where to start! I soon found the smell and it was a intense frangipani- Fragranced sachet, for someone that loves flowers I was delighted. The box has a sort of spring feeling to it which made me feel relaxed, is this a care package? It sure feels like one with there also being a herbal tea bag and Nivea moisturizer.


The box also helps to start the year with a diary, pencil and a little lined note book. You can never have too much stationary right? There was also a larger plain note book and some lovely paper clips, I think the paper clips are my favourite item in this box- They are so unique.

I have already found room on my wall for the picture ‘Don’t count the days, make the days count’, as well as the little January page. I love the theme and everything that is in this box, I think next time I might try the make your own box, I have seen so many cute things in the online store. What do you think of this box?





11 thoughts on “Review: January’s Treat Box ✨

  1. Oooh the treat box looks really nice! Your giveaway looks amazing too! 😀 I’ll try my hardest not to win again hehe
    Did you know the rafflecopter isn’t work yet though? It says the contest hasn’t started yet.


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