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This weeks fun (23) ✨

I have been at work today and I lost count on how many times I wrote down 2016 while doing paper work, have you done that today? I also entered the New-year wide awake and unable to sleep… Insomnia is annoying! I have had a cold all week so all our fun has been indoors wrapped up, watching films and sneezing constantly- Rob also had a cold. I have quite enjoyed staying in and getting things done like cooking, having family over and some rare quality time with both Logan and Rob. I wrote a Goals list up so 2017 should be fun trying to grow myself even more, here’s what we where doing in the last week of 2016…


  • We had Robs mum and Auntie over for some picky food which was nice, they could see Logan enjoy his Christmas presents and even see my appreciated presents from them. I say that in the sense that they got me loads of blogging bits which I have started to put to use, one item being a journal that I’ve started ‘I will share tomorrow my creativity’.
  • I made brownies with a Newlook mason jar that was very yummy, Robs dad even agreed when he tried one. I wonder what things I will cook up this year or even what people would like to see?
  • I remember the days that I would pray for Logan to go to bed on his own so I would stop falling asleep and have time for myself. I now sit wishing that he would cuddle me, I regret wishing those times away- as of laity I get into his bed to read a story and steal cuddles. I was even greeted by him at the bottom of my bed at half four in the morning the other day, into my bed he climbed with a big hug to follow-I won’t wish these moments away.


  • I finished work New-year eve and came home to candles, a new film and a Chinese, Rob even got my Malibu out which I swapped for a cup of tea. We watched a film called Nerve and it was really good to then put channel one on to see the London countdown, I even left my laptop off all night.



  • My sister got a cocktail kit that included pretty glasses in it, we made some lovely flavours up on Monday that ended up like slush puppies with so much ice.


  • Blogging! Yes a huge this weeks fun when I went online yesterday to notice Chloe, company owner of That Lame Company has featured a photo I took in her giveaway. I wrote about the Box of lame that Rob got me for Christmas last week after loving everything in it. Chloe even sent me an extra print in my second order ‘I had to go back for more’ I can’t wait for the next box to come out.


I hope you had a better end to 2016 if you did not have the best year! If you did have a good year let’s hope 2017 treats us all kind.




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