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My year in photos 2016 ✨

As I have only been blogging for six months you have only had a peek into my life since summer, I have had a beautiful year and I’m hoping to have an even better 2017. Did you have a good year? Of course my year has not been perfect but I try and focus on the good and I’m glad I’ve captured my favourite memorise. I thought I would share some photos which are mostly before I started blogging, if you read my ‘this weeks fun’ I share each week the things that we get up too so here’s the before adventures, food and family times.

  • Last Christmas my mum captured a lovely photo of Rob, Logan and myself.
  • Rob and I went away for a night in Plymouth for the New-year.
  • A picture of me while away in Plymouth, we went to a club with Robs friends who where also up there.
  • Rob and I take it in turns each year to do something for valentines, I filled the kitchen with candles which he loved.
  • Junk food as per, Next year I aim to eat clean…. with the odd treat.
  • I finally had my third tattoo finished.
  • I was spoilt on mothers day and Rob got his mum some flowers.
  • Logan took it upon himself to ruin the flowers.
  • I love having my picture taken with Rob, he is usually very camera shy.
  • I planted some flowers ‘seeds’.
  • The flowers where so pretty when they grew.
  • My hair is the length that I have always wanted it.
  • We went to Plymouth to the aquarium.
  • I found the cutest Chocolate shop in St.ives.
  • More food, damn we love to eat out.


  • My best friend and partner in crime, I speak to her daily.
  • Logan had some lovely presents for his Birthday.
  • Rob and I had a bbq with friends in a beautiful place- I am so lucky to live where I do.
  • One of Logans Birthday presents was a paddling pool.
  • I liked these balloons that we got.
  • I made Olaf cupcakes.
  • I cooked so much food up for Logans Birthday I also made Olaf sandwiches.
  • Rob knows the way to my heart with flowers and drink.
  • We went out to get an ice-cream and came home with more than one ‘oops’.
  • My friends baby shower was in a lovely hotel that had amazing food.
  • My mum painted Olaf on Logans wall.
  • We moved house.
  • The flowers that I grew.
  • Mazy day.
  • We got a rabbit called Bonnie.
  • Beach days.
  • I took some lovely pictures at Paradise park.
  • I started blogging.

Now some pictures just of Logan.

I won’t list the pictures of Logan as most are just proud mum I need to take a picture moments, I need to print some picture’s of to finish our photo albums. Do you use photo albums? I am excited to have just as much fun next year and share my adventures with you, I had so many more pictures this was them narrowed down to my favourites.


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