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This weeks fun (22) ✨

Wow I am lost for words after my fun week, Christmas has well and truly been magical this year. I was struck with a sick bug and Rob has had the flu but we have still enjoyed seeing all our loved ones. We have been very spoilt so expect a post on our magical day soon, firstly here’s what we did this week trying to mission through being sick…


  • On Monday I woke feeling unwell but Rob and I had planned a day out to Exeter, it was so magical up there with so many pretty lights and things gong on, have you been up there laity? Robs mum kindly had Logan so we had food in Nando’s with no child running a riot and even got to sit down for a coffee.


  • I received my Box Of Lame this week, I have written up a review for you guys to see how great it is, I will publish it soon now everyone should have theirs ‘I didn’t want to spoil the surprise’- I just have a few links to add.



  • I did the last of our wrapping ‘go me for starting it weeks ago’ our table was full.


  • Rob is such a thoughtful person, he brought me a desk and made me a little set up in his office, do you have an area in your house? I put all my prints up so now it looks perfect.


  • Lastly is of course Logan on Christmas morning and even better he treated us to a 9am lie in! He is so thoughtful, he was so lovely today and appreciated every gift that he was given. I will share with you our day after I have recovered! I am so ready for sleep tonight.



I was planning on doing crafts and cooking this week but sadly with the sick bug I couldn’t, I can’t wait to share my goals with you that I have for next year including lot’s of fun. How have you spent your Christmas? Did you have a lovely day?





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