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My five most popular Pretty item of the day posts ✨

I have to this date written 232 published posts in five months! I am shocked with how fast my blog is growing and how well I am learning so many things. I have written up my goals for 2017 which I will publish next week, 1000 words later I have a lot to achieve! I won’t waffle on I would just like the thank you all for reading my blog and here are my top five read ‘Pretty item of the day’ posts…

I will start with my top viewed post at 313 views!! I think my readers love Tsum Tsum just as much as me with this being my top viewed: Pretty items of the day: Tsum Tsum new collection 

1 ....png


How do you like your eggs in the morning? As this little set was popular, I have not cooked eggs since I wrote this post and now I want some: Pretty item of the day: Egg cups


Ah, I am loving that a lot of these top posts are things I have brought myself and posted, I have gotten Logan more of these wall stickers for Christmas: Pretty item of the day: Toddler wall stickers  


I am not surprised that this bedsheet was a popular read as I now own two sets, the sheet and pillow set makes my room look so pretty: Pretty item of the day: Butterfly bedsheet 


I love that my readers can always find something different with all the fun things I find like my 5th most popular post: Pretty item of the day: Bear cushion  

7b1f5f0844dcfcc6ddbd5f4589ad75f7My ‘Pretty item of the day posts’ are so handy to find something, post about it and later decide if I need it; do you ever see anything you like?


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