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Scent Circus wax melts ‘Magical Christmas movies’ ✨

I am becoming a huge fan of subscription boxes and this monthly box ‘you can’t subscribe for but they do release one each month’ it was a Oh My Gosh kinda moment when I saw it, I literally wanted it so badly. When I saw that this months ‘The Big Top Box’ was sold out I was gutted so ordered three others from the online shop which I mentioned here.

image As mentioned I ordered the Jolly holly, Robin round the Christmas tree and the Autumn snuggles. The moment that I opened the little box I was greeted with the sweetest smell it was so nice that I had the urge to eat all three, I just sat there trying to decide which one I should burn first.

imageI also received another order I had placed ‘from a different site’ I thought the sticker was on point with how I felt about these wax melts, they where indeed ‘AMAZEBALLS’ with the melts starting from £1.00 – £1.80 each.

I did finally decide that the Jolly holly was my favourite so into the burner it went, it was  disheartening to burn something so lovely- all was forgotten when my home smelt so dreamy. I was surprised with how long it lasted, I burnt it at 2.00pm and by just after nine the smell was still going strong. When I blew the candle out that was underneath the burner the wax melt still let of a scent when dry, I am currently enjoying the Robin around the Christmas tree melt today.


Just when I thought ‘The Big Top Box’ was sold out they put a few more in store… only a few though and yes! I was lucky to get one and again received it really quick in the post. I tried to convince myself prior to more coming out that I was not bothered, like who would want a Grinch themed wax or even a snowman one… aw yeah everyone as they sold out. Here’s what I nearly missed out on…


I have added a better picture closer up below, the lighting in my house is bright. I think for £7.50 for these 8 melts is such a good price with each having there own smells. So what was this months theme can you guess? It’s or should I say was Magical Christmas movies, right away I saw the Grinch and smiled and then noticed two poop shaped ones- Frozen princess poop the leaflet says that was inside.


I did make a deal with Rob and that is he buys me these for Christmas so they are now tucked away ready for him to wrap ‘shh I took one of santa’s buddies out’. I love the little bag my first order of three came with, I have snuck Mr elf in with my one remaining melt. With each order I have received a ticket so when I collect ten I can get a box free, I did think when I saw this deal online ‘yeah right it will take me forever to get ten tickets!’ Yeah now after getting these it wont take me long, they really do smell AMAZEBALLZ- I am already eyeing up this Unicorn one and this Cocktails o’clock one. I hear next months box is going to be even better!? I hope I get one on time, what do you think of these wax melts?






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